Why can’t I find a “ticker” for my stable value investment option?

Stable value investment options do not exist in publically available investment vehicles, such as mutual funds. Plan sponsors can consider a variety of investment vehicles when constructing the investment options in your retirement plan’s line-up, such as mutual funds, commingled investment trusts (CITs), or separately managed accounts. While most participants are familiar with mutual funds, there are other investment vehicles that plan sponsors may choose for various reasons, including strategies that are not available in a mutual fund format.

Stable value investment options are one of those types of vehicles – they are not available as a mutual fund. They are available as either a separately managed account, commingled investment trust, or as a guaranteed insurance account. This is why participants who look for their stable value ticker cannot find one.

In fact, stable value investment options are only available in retirement savings plans, such as a 401(k) or 403(b) and 457 plans, and some tuition assistance plans, such as 529 plans. The best source of information about the specific investment options in your retirement plan is your plan sponsor or plan administrator.

Is stable value regulated?

Yes, stable value investment options, investment contracts, investment managers, and other service providers such as insurance companies involved in stable…