Designing Balanced DC Menus: Considering Diversified Fixed Income Choices​​​​

Sponsors of defined contribution plans face a dual challenge: They must present investment options appropriate for plan members and design…

Third and Fourth Quarter of 2013 Stable Value Sales and…

The Third and Fourth Quarter of 2013 Stable Value Sales and Assets Survey covers twenty companies and provides comparative data.

Bond Fund Alternatives Can Help Protect You From Rising Rates

In some ways, stable value funds, which invest in guaranteed short term insurance contracts or short term bonds with an…

Stable Value and Rising Interest Rates


Whether new to stable value or interested in current topics you can find useful information here.

From building blocks all the way to advanced content on specific issues, we have resources to help.

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As defined by ERISA, any person or firm…


See plan sponsor.

Investment Guidelines

Guidelines established between a plan sponsor or

Surrender Charge

Any payment required for terminating an investment contract,…


A spread is the difference between the actual earnings…

Commingled Fund

A fund, typically offered by a bank or trust…


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