How risky are stable value funds compared to other conservative…

Stable value is typically compared to money market funds and short to intermediate term bond funds.

What are the risks associated with a stable value fund?

All investments have risks, however stable value works to minimize risk wherever possible.

401(k) Plan Asset Allocation, Stable Value and Account Balances in…

The latest EBRI/ICI report, “401(K) Plan Asset Allocation, Account Balances, and Loan Activity in 2013,” covered 26.4 million plan participants…

Stable Value and Rising Interest Rates


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See plan sponsor.

Commingled Fund

A fund, typically offered by a bank or trust…

Book Value Accounting

The accounting methodology allowed under AICPA Statement…


A spread is the difference between the actual earnings…

Wrap Contract

A stable value investment contract that “wraps” a…

Risk Charge

The cost embedded in every stable value


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