How Stable Value Funds Fit in Your Portfolio

If you have access to these fixed-income investments, they are a good place to keep money you might withdraw soon…

Add a Little Sprinkling of a Stable Value Fund to…

These funds offer good return potential with lower risk, while also capturing growth, and could be ideal for millennial investors…

The Big Interview with Gina Mitchell

SVIA's Gina Mitchell was featured on an episode of MoneyWatch with Chuck Jaffe to discuss stable value

Stable Value and Rising Interest Rates


Whether new to stable value or interested in current topics you can find useful information here.

From building blocks all the way to advanced content on specific issues, we have resources to help.

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Surrender Charge

Any payment required for terminating an investment contract,…

Book Value Accounting

The accounting methodology allowed under AICPA Statement…

Risk Charge

The cost embedded in every stable value

Wrap Contract

A stable value investment contract that “wraps” a…


See plan sponsor.


As defined by ERISA, any person or firm…


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